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Long Distance Movers ut 10 Years of Expertise to Work for You

Planning a long distance move in our out of Woodbridge? Long distance movers from Woodbridge Movers have the expertise and reputation you can count on. Let us put over ten years of long distance moving experience to work for you. You can count on us for:

• Professional long distance moving services
• Exceptional care of your belongings
• Long- and short-term storage solutions
• Comprehensive moving, storage and insurance options
• Personalized service and individualized moving plans
• Packing, loading and unloading
• Planned schedules for on-time delivery
• Affordable long distance moving rates

Is Your Upcoming Move a Long Distance Move?
Whether you're moving to or from Woodbridge, if you're moving more than 100 miles, your move is considered a long distance move. Long distance moves often involve crossing state lines, requiring a long distance moving company in full compliance with all applicable state and federal regulations. Woodbridge Movers is licensed by the U.S. Department of Transportation. We adhere to all federal regulations governing the long distance moving industry.

Preparing for a Woodbridge Long Distance Move
Long before you begin packing your belongings, you'll need a plan. Our certified moving consultants create a long distance moving plan that accounts for your individual moving needs. We work with you to determine volume, identify items that need special care, arrange for temporary or long-term storage, schedule pickup and delivery dates and more.

We recommend letting our professionals pack fragile items such as televisions, pictures, mirrors, lamps, artwork, curio cabinets and china cabinets. For smaller and non-fragile items, purchasing boxes in advance and packing these items yourself is a cost-effective option. Make sure to discuss packing options and personal preferences with our moving consultant to ensure that all of your moving preferences are known.

Long Distance Moving and Storage Solutions
Long distance moving requires extensive coordination to ensure that your belongings arrive on time – not too early and not too late. As a long distance moving company, we understand these challenges and carefully schedule long distance moves to ensure that your belongings arrive on time. Short-term storage is often used to securely store belongings before or after long distance transport. Our Woodbridge moving consultants work closely with you to determine the optimal storage solution for your long distance move.